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Window frame spraying with tesa

Window frame spraying with tesa Posted on 4 August 2021

tesa masking film

tesa introduce a range of spray masking tapes for window frame spraying

With sustainability in mind – and a soaring demand for uPVC window frame spraying – leading tape manufacturer tesa has introduced a range of spray masking tapes for professional sprayers to use and protect any outdoor surface.

tesa’s range of Easy Cover® 2-in-1 masking solutions allow painters and decorators to offer a fast, cost-effective and eco-friendly way to transform dull and outdated windows to stylish and modern frames – without the high cost of replacing windows.  

Protecting glass, brickwork, render, soffits and windowsills from any accidental overspray is made easy with the range of tesa Easy Cover® 2-in-1 masking solutions which are equipped with either HDPE film or paper and the market leading Precision Mask or paper masking tape allowing sprayers to achieve perfect lines.

tesa Easy Cover® with film is strong enough to prevent tearing during heavy spray work and comes in a variety of sizes – all of which are easy to handle and statically charged to cling to surfaces.

tesa Professional 4365 Easy Cover® Precision guarantees razor-sharp paint edges with residue free removal for up to six months.

tesa Professional 4369 Easy Cover® UV allows safe and precise fixation on even and slightly rough surfaces and can be removed after 2-weeks of outdoor application without leaving residues.

tesa Professional 4401 Easy Cover® Precision Standard Paper offers full coverage and clean paint edges on smooth and slightly structured surfaces. This smart 2-in-1 product allows sprayers to mask and tape off areas in one step.

Sprayers can achieve perfect lines first time with the tesa Precision Mask® range which work on unforgiving surfaces such as glass and uPVC and don’t leave residue behind once removed.

tesa® 4334 Precision Mask® is UV resistant for up to eight weeks making it ideal for taping up window frames ready for spraying. The high-quality adhesive allows for straight and sharp lines.

tesa® 4440 Precision Mask® Outdoor is UV and weather resistant for up to eight weeks and can be used for achieving precise lines on rough and textured surfaces.

Anthony Asparassa, tesa UK commented: “Sustainability is at the forefront of many people’s minds and with a rise in home improvement projects, painters being able to offer colour changes to window frames by spraying them provides an eco-friendly and cost-effective way for people to modernise their homes without the high cost to replace the windows.

“We’ve put together a range of Precision Masks and Easy Covers which enable sprayers to achieve great results and in a quick and efficient way. With our window spray range, masking and covering areas to protect them from overspray and achieving sharp lines has never been so easy.”

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