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New storage box from Purdy

New storage box from Purdy Posted on 2 May 2024

Painter's storage box from Purdy

Leading professional painting tools manufacturer Purdy has launched its Purdy Painter’s Storage Box into the UK market. A storage system built specifically for professional decorators, the Painter’s Storage Box is packed with features designed to make tool transportation and everyday use as simple as possible.

Every feature in the Purdy Painter’s Storage Box, from the Wet Brush and Roller Cover Bin to the innovative brush storage bar, has been designed, engineered and produced to high standards to assure high performance and long service life.

The Purdy Painter’s Storage Box consists of two extra-large storage boxes and a handy supply box that stack and lock together. With space and practicality in mind, the storage boxes have capacity for all tools needed on site, including power tools.

At the base of the box set is the XL Rolling Box, a two wheeled hauler with room for a wide range of items, including cans of paint. Fixed on top is the XL Brush and Roller Box, a space for clean roller sleeves and a unique storage bar to hang brushes from, created specifically to help users keep their brushes orderly and ensure the bristles stay in good condition. Finally, a Supply Box at the top of the stack can be used to keep any other small items neat and tidy.

The storage system also includes a uniquely designed Wet Brush and Roller Cover Bin, for storing wet brushes and rollers (up to 18inches in length), without getting paint on anything else in the box, keeping it neat and tidy. There are also two Extension Pole Holders built-in to the box system, alongside a telescopic pull handle.

The Rolling Box features tough 9” all-terrain replaceable wheels to allow painters to smoothy navigate stairs and other obstacles and ensure getting from job to job is effortless. The box is also IP65 Rated, making it water and dust resistant to keep your tools in the best condition and minimise additional clean up time.

Andy Cummins, Senior Product Manager at Purdy, commented: “The Purdy Painter’s Storage Box is the perfect addition to any decorator’s toolkit. Purdy’s renowned for quality from top to bottom, it’s ideal for keeping all your equipment safe and organised throughout transportation and on to the job. With tonnes of storage, you won’t have to pick and choose what you take to a job anymore, you’ll have everything you could possibly need right there with you.”

Devoted to elevating the professional painter and decorator’s craft, Purdy offers problem-solving products designed to make it quicker and easier to achieve professional results. To find out more about the Purdy Painter’s Storage Box and other Purdy products, visit: