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Designer paint company shows green credentials

Designer paint company shows green credentials Posted on 3 December 2021

YesColours paint pouch

YesColours announces new recyclable packaging for designer paints.

55 million litres of paint waste are generated each year in the UK so YesColours, the new, feelgood eco-conscious paint brand, has launched fully recyclable packaging that aims to cut waste and stop tricky-to-recycle paint tins going straight to landfill. 

YesColours’ one litre paint pouch alone uses 16 per cent less fossil fuel, generates 21 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions and uses 26 per cent less water throughout its production than traditional rigid packaging. 

Already picked up by notable UK designers and influencers, YesColours is also introducing colours that are focused on wellbeing. A mindfully curated colour palette provides collections that are purposefully simple and easy-to-use by naming groups and colours based on the feelings they evoke.

YesColours paints have 0 per cent added VOCs and are free from Azo-dyes and harmful surfactants found in some other decorative paints (APE and NPEs) which can harm marine life and the environment.