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Dulux Decorator Centre announce Canmesty

Dulux Decorator Centre announce Canmesty Posted on 3 May 2024

Used cans of paint stacked in a pile

Dulux Decorator Centre has set an ambitious goal to triple the amount of paint cans it has recycled by 2025, as part of its sustainability commitments. To help achieve its target, the company is calling for all decorators and tradespeople to take part in a ‘Canmesty’ this May – a one month initiative that aims to drive awareness of the free can recycling service, encourage customers to recycle as many paint cans as possible, and inspire them to make can recycling part of their daily routine throughout the year.

Set to be an exciting month, Dulux Decorator Centre will be:

  • Aiming to recycle as many paint cans as possible during the month of May in order to support its wider sustainability goals
  • Drive awareness of its free, easy and convenient can recycling service available all year round, which accepts any brand of paint can, in order to support customers in achieving their sustainability credentials and reducing waste being sent to landfill
  • Working closely with its recycling partner to give empty paint cans a new lease of life
  • Running an exciting competition, with each empty paint can recycled equalling one entry into a prize draw to win one of five product bundles containing hero Dulux Trade sustainable lines and other goodies
  • Encouraging customers to drop-off empty paint cans to their local Dulux Decorator Centre or organise a collection during a scheduled product delivery


Dulux Decorator Centre has set the goal to triple the number of cans recycled through its scheme by 2025. This forms a key part of Dulux Decorator Centre’s sustainability commitments to reduce waste. The company is also aiming to reduce its carbon and positively impact the UK population as part of its goals.

Dulux Decorator Centre will be showcasing its easy and convenient free can recycling service to inspire customers to make can recycling part of their everyday routine not just in May, but at all times.

We ‘can’ do it

Dulux Decorator Centre’s Can Recycling service, in partnership with Veolia, is a free service available all year round, which allows customers to drop off their empty paint cans from any brand to be recycled, or organise a collection during a scheduled product delivery, to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill.

Once all cans are collected as part of Dulux Decorator Centre’s Can Recycling service, they are processed responsibly by its recycling partner, Veolia. The paint cans are returned to the Veolia Material Recovery Facility, where plastic cans are shredded, washed, and sent back to the plastics market, whilst metal cans are melted into new steel and returned to the general market to create new tools and products.

In it to win it

To celebrate the launch of this initiative, Dulux Decorator Centre will also be running a competition throughout the month. For every empty paint can deposited for recycling, customers will receive an entry into an exciting prize draw to win one of five bundles, which include some of its hero sustainable products: Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt, Dulux Trade Diamond Matt, Dulux Trade Evolve, a selection of Lick sustainable accessories, a Dulux Dog Soft Toy, and £100 Amazon gift card.

Both Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt and Dulux Trade Diamond Matt boast significant sustainability credentials with a 99.9% VOC free formula leading to a lower impact on indoor air quality and the carbon footprint of a project. In addition, Dulux Trade Evolve is manufactured with 35% recycled paint content.

The lucky winners will be announced by the end of June. The more paint cans customers deposit, the more chance they have of winning!

Duncan Lochhead, Commercial Sustainability Manager at Dulux Decorator Centre said: “Recycling cans is a simple yet impactful way for all of us to contribute to a more sustainable future. At Dulux Decorator Centre, we are thrilled to provide our customers with a free, quick and convenient service that will help keep waste from being sent to landfill and give the materials a new life.

“Practical issues should never be a barrier to being environmentally friendly and that’s why we expanded our service last year to be able to recycle all paint cans. Sustainability has always been a business priority for us and is now increasingly front of mind for both our customers and their clients. This forms part of our sustainability commitments, which I’m looking forward to seeing realised. We are proud to be able to support our customers in making responsible choices at every stage of their project and maximising their environmental credentials.

“This May, I encourage everyone to get involved and make can recycling a key part of their projects now and in the future. I look forward to working together towards achieving our 2025 target. Make sure to save your empty paint cans from your projects, either DIY or client jobs, and bring them down to your local store!”

Paint to spare

Dulux Decorator Centre also provides sustainable ways of recycling and disposing of leftover paint through Community RePaint, a project sponsored by Dulux for over 30 years. For a small fee, Community RePaint may be able to take your usable leftover paint and make it available to local charities, community groups, and low-income families so they can affordably add colour to their spaces and lives.

You can find further details about Dulux Decorator Centre’s achievements with its recycling service and its partnership with Community RePaint here: