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Lick adds new colour to its range

Lick adds new colour to its range Posted on 25 September 2023

Lick paint launches Heinz Tomato Ketchup colour

Ketchup or brown sauce on your bacon roll? Well, for Lick, it has to be Heinz…

Colour-centric home decor brand Lick announces a world first – Lick x Heinz Tomato Ketchup Red HTK 57 paint. As artisans and creators of incomparable pigment-rich colours, Lick has meticulously developed a unique blend of pigments in their one-of-a-kind paint formula that perfectly matches the Heinz Tomato Ketchup Colour – an enticing colour for all of the senses that you just can’t resist!

Now, sauce lovers can finally bring their love of Heinz into their homes, whether through colour drenching a room, committing to a statement wall or creating a pop of accent decor. Developed in Lick’s unique formula, Red HTK 57 is a dark red with balanced black and yellow undertones. With enticing and heartwarming qualities, this colour creates irresistibly welcoming spaces that energise you. 

An inviting colour for all of the senses, red triggers our appetites as well as our desire to chat, making Red HTK 57 perfect for social spaces in kitchens and dining rooms. Yellow undertones add a dose of fun and optimism, while black pigment tones down its intensity so you can drench all four walls and your ceiling in Red HTK 57 for a timeless look.

Tash Bradley, Director of Interior Design at Lick and Colour Psychologist says “In colour psychology, red is incredibly stimulating and triggers a powerful physical response in the body. It symbolises excitement, courage, strength, energy and warmth. When red is used in the right proportions, it really commands attention and makes an impact.”

Colour Drenching 

“One of my favourite ways to use Red HTK in a home is by colour drenching! Colour drenching means wrapping a whole room with your colour of choice – in this case, Red HTK 57. We’ve designed Red HTK 57 with a dose of black pigment to tone down its intensity and give you the confidence to drench all four walls and your ceiling in colour.”

Accent Colour
“Finally, Red HTK 57 would make an amazing accent colour. We never see colour in isolation, so when red is used as an accent colour against softer tones, it really stands out. Red has the longest wavelength of all the colours, meaning that it advances towards you and you’ll be drawn to it the most. With such a strong energising quality, a pop of Red HTK 57 has the power to elevate its surroundings and uplift the whole room. We’ve softened the liveliest qualities of red with black, yellow and blue pigments so it doesn’t overwhelm your space – a kitchen cabinet or dining chairs would look incredible in Red HTK 57. To really tie the colour into your home, I’d suggest matching a few pieces around the room – this will create a cohesive look.”

For a limited time only, you can purchase one of 570 made-to-order Red HTK 57 tins exclusively from For decorating your plates, it has to be Heinz. So for decorating your walls, it’s got to be Lick Red HTK 57.