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Exterior colour research

Exterior colour research Posted on 11 July 2023

Photograph of a front door painted red.

New research from leading exterior paint brand, Sandtex Trade reveals homeowners want to decorate their exteriors but need the support of a professional to do so.

Despite homeowners not having the confidence to paint the outside of their property, a whopping 95 per cent deem it an important factor when looking to purchase a new home and are looking to the trade to give their homes that kerbside appeal.

To help professional decorators get ahead when discussing exterior projects with customers, Sandtex Trade has identified the top trending colours amongst different age groups.


The research revealed younger homeowners are more adventurous and bolder with colour. Reds, blues, greens and even black were selected as favourite shades for exteriors, including front doors and garden fences. 

Despite Gen Z’s willingness to explore bold colours for some elements of their exteriors, the grey trend among this age group is strong with 23 per cent identifying the shade as their top choice for painting masonry and large parts of their home’s exterior.


Millennials shared that they love the crisp clean look of white for their property’s exterior, with one-in-three (33 per cent) selecting it as their favourite exterior colour.

Red was also a popular choice among these young homeowners as 14 per cent said they’d like to paint areas such as doors in the confident shade.


When talking to customers in this age group, it’s likely that they’ll love neutral shades as almost a third (31 per cent) preferred the look of properties painted in a natural sandstone. This generation is also a huge fan of grey, as a quarter (25 per cent) claimed they wanted to paint part of their exterior in the popular colour.


Pastels and blue shades were a popular choice among this age group as the Sandtex Trade research revealed 16 per cent would paint parts of their home’s exteriors blue, including doors, gates, and trim. They also love the look of natural sandstone shades (30 per cent), which are ideal for masonry.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, this generation was much safer with colour and bold shades like orange, yellow and white were bottom of the list. Instead, they opted for clean neutral colours like cream (19 per cent) and sandstone (30 per cent).

Despite the youngest homeowners loving the look of black for exterior areas of their property, it was not a common choice in the older demographics, with only 4 per cent of over 65s saying they would paint any part of their home’s exterior in the shade.

The data also suggests that homeowners have no idea which parts of a property’s exterior they can paint and one in three don’t know it’s possible to paint metal.

Sandtex Trade paints can be mixed in over 700 colours, so no matter your client’s shade preference, Sandtex has you covered.

Ken Jensen, Senior Technical Consultant from Sandtex Trade said: “It’s clear that so many homeowners are dreaming of beautiful exteriors but have no idea where to start in achieving them – and we wanted to make sure we gave decorators the tools to help them get ahead when talking colour with customers.

“We’ve invested in this research to support decorators, enabling them to stay top of the latest exterior colour and project trends so they can capitalise on the rebound in the housing market and support clients looking to add some kerb appeal as they put their properties on the market.”

Sandtex Trade has been providing high quality exterior paint products to professional painters and decorators for over 60 years. It is a one-stop-shop for everything exterior, including preparation and treatment products, masonry paint, trim paints, and sundries.

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