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Germ-killing wallpaper from Grandeco

Germ-killing wallpaper from Grandeco Posted on 12 June 2023

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The self-disinfecting Pure & Protect range kills 99.9 per cent of bacteria and is a world first.

Wallpaper producer Grandeco is aiming to provide safer spaces for all with the launch of the world’s first germ-killing wallpaper.

The self-disinfecting Pure & Protect range reduces the threat of germs, disease and sickness spreading in both commercial and private spaces.

It derives its protective capabilities from innovative, transparent disinfectant coating Nobacoat®.

Used extensively in the automotive and construction industries, this is the first time this technology has been applied to wallpaper.

Patrick Molemans, CEO of Grandeco WallFashion Group said: “By taking a proactive approach to fighting bacteria, viruses and even mould, the Pure & Protect technology aims to make work, commercial and even private spaces safer to be in. 

“Covid-19 caught the world unprepared and as pandemics are predicted to become more frequent, it is now crucial we take precautions to prevent germs spreading so easily in our homes and work spaces.

“Pure & Protect wallpaper allows companies to take control, protecting spaces, such as children’s nurseries and schools, care homes and hospitals, to keep our most vulnerable safe and minimise disruption.

“What’s more, this is just the beginning, we will continue to develop products that improve our nature, and the health and wellbeing of our customers.” 

Air-borne bacteria, viruses and moulds are efficiently eliminated by coming into contact with the wallpaper. Its coating obtains an elimination rate of 99.9 per cent in just one hour and stays effective for at least 12 years.

The coating also adds to the surface abrasion resistance, meaning it can withstand regular wiping, scrubbing and is resilient to wear and tear. 

Due to its heavy-duty nature, this wallpaper is ideal for the work and family environment where there are large amounts of traffic and people. 

In addition to killing 99.9 per cent of bacteria, it also prevents mould by eradicating fungi spurs in the same way it does viruses. 

Grandeco now brings this technology to your home. In our Atmosphere collection, Grandeco combines the best of two worlds. Thanks to Grandeco’s innovative Pure & Protect technology, this trendy wallpaper collection is finished with an antiviral and antibacterial coating. Choose from the uni or striking stripe patterns in subdued colours and get creative. For an interior with impact!  

Find out more about Pure & Protect here.