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Lick acquires Eco-Union

Lick acquires Eco-Union Posted on 31 March 2022

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Lick, the UK’s fastest-growing interior brand is announcing the acquisition of the leading sustainable decorating tools brand Eco-Union.

The brand will merge with the prospering Lick brand under a new title, LickPro Tools. This latest move from the innovative home decor company is a further demonstration of its commitment to modernise and transform the DIY sector. By focusing on developing sustainable solutions the brand hopes to revolutionise a market that has historically failed to better its standards. 

Eco-Union was developed by husband and wife Co-Founders Joel and Nikki Buckley, whose shared interest in sustainability and entrepreneurialism led them to purchase a small and relatively unknown brand Eco Ezee in 2019. Playing to their strengths, Joel drew on his expertise working with startups to develop the brand identity, while Nikki, whose education and passion within sustainability helped them to certify the company’s product offering. They rebranded to Eco-Union, successfully securing B-Corp status – the first decorating company to ever achieve this prestigious credential.

The team added new SKUs to the business and successfully established themselves as the leading sustainable DIY tool supplier, securing listings with key retailers and brand partners including Travis Perkins, Wickes, LeylandSDM as well as a whole host of companies in the decor space such as Lick, both in the UK and Europe. Not only were the products built with sustainability in mind, but functionality too. Their Eco Tray made from sugarcane bagasse has helped decorators continually reuse the product without fear of flaking paint from previous uses spoiling the next Lick of paint.

Joel Buckley, Head of Decorating Tools at Lick said: We managed to grow Eco-Union rapidly since purchasing but we needed support to take the company further and introduce it to consumers on a global scale. Appearing on Dragons’ Den was a great experience, and seeing their interest, assured us that we were developing something special. We had already been working closely with Lick for two years when Co-Founders Sam and Lucas opened conversations surrounding the acquisition and as fans of the company, we instantly knew this was the right move to take Eco-Union to the next level.  
As LickPro Tools, we will continue to grow our established customer base and demonstrate better practices within the sector. Old methods are no longer acceptable, Lick is the future of decorating and we are excited to be a part of this journey. 

The partnership was a natural fit, as Lick is committed to growing the most innovative and sustainable decorating company in the world. Since launching in 2020, it has been its mission to transform the sector, meeting modern consumers’ demands, with today’s shoppers actively favouring brands developing sustainable products. Following the acquisition, Joel will now lead LickPro Tools, as Head of Decorating Tools, and Nikki takes up a position as Head of Sustainability at Lick. 

The decorating market for the most part is still unsustainable, from the tools and products to how they are created and the packaging they arrive in, Lick is leading the way in innovation. The LickPro Tools range has been built with sustainability and durability in mind. From rollers and brushes to dust sheets, paint trays and kettles, all materials are recycled, recyclable and reusable, encouraging users to hold on to their tools for future projects.

LickPro Tools are available online at and stockists including Travis Perkins, Wickes, LeylandSDM