View from the Chief Executive.

Firstly, let me welcome all readers to ministers, with various degrees of success. My thanks go to Ian Rogers, our very own our new look magazine Decorating Matters. We are excited to appoint Connect as our new publishers.
Together, we have agreed to modernise the SDF website, and introduce Federation blogs, so exciting times ahead.
The past year has been a real trial for our industry, with those members working in the domestic market unable to undertake any work unless it was conducted under strict adherence to the Covid-19 rules.

Many companies have struggled with the complexity of adhering to these new rules, what with furlough and contractual changes to contracts of employment. The secretariat has worked to make sure our members have been widely briefed and supplied with all the information and required documentation to make sure that they are well ahead of the curve.

We know that it has been appreciated, as we have received many compliments regarding the support members have been given. However, they still have to make a living and to that end we have lobbied government